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Faye Webster
Backdrop animation for Laneway Festival, Rolling Stone’s Future of Music SXSW Showcase, & 2024 tour
(photos taken from top to bottom & right to left:
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Sketches for Faye

Sarah Forever
Senior Thesis Show

Filmmaker and actress Great Gerwig, in an interview, said that several of her past partners have told her she is "building a house inside of our house - you're building a mini house where you go and live, and I'm not invited." Actress Jenny Slate described something similar except she is "alone on the lawn," a place filled with sunlight, freedom, and most importantly, a place she is alone.

In my installation, "Sarah Forever," I investigated how personal spaces can evolve into monuments and what this transition does to the legacy of objects, memories, and feelings contained within. I was interested in referencing southern folk art, particularly spaces like Howard Finster's Paradise Garden and the Graceland house, and drawing inspiration from collectively understood iconography in popular culture like Elvis shrines and losing lottery tickets and National Geographic magazine clippings. Through use of traditional printmaking techniques, sculpture, found object, and text, I aimed to make a space that was filled with sunlight, freedom, and most importantly, a place I'm alone unless I invite you in.

Archival inkjet series, with silkscreen and foil - from We Have So Much To Talk About

(starting top left, clockwise)
“So Much Damn Ice Cream” (2018)
“A Pop Song Playing Really Loudly” (2018)
“Someone To Turn Out The Light” (2018)
“iPhone Pictures Of The Moon” (2018)

Sarah Kennedy and Trent Johnson
“A Big Pile Of Dirt And Then Add A Little More”
Mixed media (2018) -
from We Have So Much To Talk About